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I found an app that I was working on, but paused for a long time. In the past month or so, I have completed it. And now it is ready to meet with the world.


Have you ever wanted to form a good habit and live with it? Well I have. I wanted an app that can remind me what habit I have accomplished for the day and what has not. For example, I wanted to read a book for 1 hour a day, and write a diary, and I want the app to remind me what I have accomplished and what is left to do. Yes… I can set a recurring event on my calendar app. But believe me, they have been there ever since I have owned a phone. And I will let you to guess how many times have I dismissed the notification, or deleted the event from the calendar altogether, and re-added the same recurring event back to the calendar app.

Moreover, how does the calendar app know that I have done it? Well the calendar app isn’t even made for that purpose. Well there is the Reminders app on iOS, you can set it to repeat daily and remind you at a specific time. True, and it almost does the job I want. But I wanted to keep track of my historical achievements, and look at my streak of the week, that is where “Disciplines” is born. It does all that.

The App

Disciplines is an app that can track personal, daily habits that you must develop in order to feel like a better person. All you need is a habit name, and it will be shown as part of the “Today” view. You can have multiple daily habits. To complete the habit, simply swipe to the left. In case you feel like the habit has been formed without the help of the app, you can swipe to the right, and the habit will be “archived”. Your past achievements are still kept in the “Achievement” view.

To delete the habit, you have to complete it at least once. As it shows up in the “Achievement” view, swipe to the left to reveal the option to delete the habit permanently.

To view how well you have done in the past week, go to “This Week” tab, and it will show you a completion percentage of all of the habits in the past 7 days.

Please try it out and give me feedback personally at or directly on the App Store.