Currently I have released an app called “My Chinese Zodiacs” which can be used to check your zodiac sign based on your birthday. It can be found here.

“My Chinese Zodiacs app” updated in 2020.
“My Chinese Zodiacs” App in Dark Mode

Some of the past project that are related iOS development are below, you are also welcome to check them out:

Dream Lister: An app for keeping track of personal desired products. It uses Core Data to store and filter user-generated data.

iBreak: An app for the official “Eye Exercise” in China, as well as Tony Robbin’s breathing exercise.

Miracle Pill: An iOS app aiming to demonstrate the basic UI elements of an iOS app.

Retro Calculator: An fully-functional, space-themed calculator app capable of running on all iOS device screens.

PokeDex3: A detailed reference to all the Pokémon.

Rainy Sunny Cloudy: A weather forecast app utilizing API from based on user’s current location.

TacoPOP: An app demonstrating the power of Swift’s extensions and protocols.