Coffee and Coding

I probably spend as much time on the public transit as write code everyday, but downtown really has a lot of resources and meet up that can develop my coding skills. Today I went down again to meet with a “Coffee and Coding” club. Although most people there were more experienced with web development, I got to meet lots of people working on different projects using different tools that I haven’t even heard of. Just to name a few – Django, a Python-powered web dev framework, and Python’s micro-framework “Flask”. There is a framework called “Laravel” designed to work with PHP. The work they were able to do is also very diverse. PHP programmers using IDEs I also haven’t seen before, graphic designers with PhotoShop open, asking for people’s opinions, I even see someone using Jupyter Notebook, writing much more complicated code than what I wrote for my thesis. After getting introduced to the event organizer, on his laptop he was running an Operating System that looked nothing like anything I’ve seen before – split screen terminals with a thin status bar. I asked him what OS it was, and he said a word that started with “a”. Sadly I never were able to spell it (Probably Linux based, it supported vim). Maybe because I am not from a CS or ECE-based education, but once again, I felt that I belonged there; everyone was writing and talking about code, helping each other, not minding at all the hot day.

Aside from meeting other developers, I was working on the Matchismo app. It worked fine when it is designed to flip and match two cards, but after few hours of fiddling, trial and error, and with Ben’s help, I could not get it to work with flipping and matching three cards. If you are interested in this challenge before I figure it out, check it out here under this commit.

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