“TacoPOP” – Protocols and Extensions

Hello! Today I have been writing another app called “TacoPOP” with a bunch of protocols and extensions, as I have introduced yesterday. To spice it up, I added a little animation when a Taco image is tapped.

Although this app is far from complete, I believe it has served its purpose of teaching me about protocols and extensions, which are handy tools when you want to modify existing objects that directly affect the app elements. In today’s case, UICollectionViewCell has been extended to perform a custom animation called “shake()”. Also, UICollectionView has been extended to perform a function called “shuffle()” to have its prototype cells exchange with another random cell, so the tacos would randomized every time the app is launched. Today is a traditional Chinese holiday called Dragon Boat Festival, which inspired my next app which will be related to Chinese Zodiac Signs!

Second post

Welcome to my second post! Wow, today has been lots of coding around an app called “TacoPop” which utilizes UICollectionView to show different images of tacos based on available customizations. In the app, you can choose your own protein (chicken, beef, brisket and fish) along with taco shells (corn or flour), and condiments (plain or loaded) using switch cases in the class initializer. Also another class called “DataService” which contains code for all the possible combinations using these four categories. I will be completing it tomorrow and a screen capture will be uploaded for tomorrow’s blog.

My friend WZ suggested an app to decide which movie to watch in the event when the ticket to our movie was sold out. I spend about 40 minutes and came up with an almost bug-free app “Movie Decider”. From the “beta testing” with my friends, I learnt that hiding buttons causes Stack View to re-adjust the constrains, but having the UILabel.text as simply blank doesn’t disable the button. It turned out to be an easy fix: UIButton.isEnabled = true. Other than that, they were quite impressed with what the app has to offer.

Simulator Screen Shot May 30, 2017, 1.10.05 AMLater tonight, I tried some coding challenges online, it was definitely very challenging. My friend and I solved one challenge together and another was work in progress. These challenges certainly motivated me to become a better programmer as a whole.

Hello, world!

Work Image
Image of me working on an iOS app

Hello there, reader! This blog is going to be reflecting my journey towards a work life of a iOS application freelancer! I will be posting about my progress on anything I have learned or found interesting during the ride. As I learn more about how to use WordPress, I will also be making it look fancier and more personalized towards my liking.

Recently I have posted on Facebook my “Pokédex” app and I was surprised of how many people liked it and responded with their thought and suggestions. I will continue to learn from both online resources as well as taking feedback from people I know.

Currently my goal is to be able to publish an app by the end of July this year, but I haven’t really decided which of my app ideas should be the very first. My friend WZ actually suggested me to start working on an app as soon as possible, and learn lots in the progress. I think it is a great suggestion and I will allocate some time each day to work on the app itself in the next couple of weeks.